Why Buy From Us?


We build and support our systems locally. No shipping charges, no wondering when and if your system will ever make it back to you. Our new systems include a one year warranty, and there are no hidden charges. An added advantage is that you have the ability to bring the system in and show someone what it is doing. No language barriers, no heavy accents. You don't have to try and figure out what it is they want you to do. And, you won't be tied up on the phone for hours doing the same things over and over again, feeling like you are just wasting your time trying to get to the next level.

Personalized Configuration

Our sales clerks will assist you determining what your needs are, and help you configure the system you need. There is no settling for what is sitting on the shelf - you get what you want and/or need. Our clerks aren't paid on commission because we want to ensure there is no motivation to sell you something you don't need. We're also available to transfer your data from your old system to your new system. We can also help setup printers, scanners, etc. if needed for a reasonable labor charge.

Quality Components

Because we support the hardware at no cost to you, we are very selective as to the components we use. A high failure rate on a component costs us money, so we steer clear of those components. We also look for the best manufacturer's warranty when ordering parts.

We're very excited about the 3-year warranty on Intel motherboards and processors. While this may sound good to you, have you considered what would happen should your motherboard fail after a couple of years? Sure, you would have to buy a new motherboard, but wait, motherboards to support your processor aren't made any longer. So now you are looking at a new processor. Oops, it uses a different type of memory, so add the price for new memory to price of the repair. You might even need a new video card, so that is more money. Now that we made it through the hardware expenses, a different motherboard will pretty well mean a Windows repair installation followed by a bunch of driver installations. Now you're looking at the charges for a basically a Windows setup. Or we can replace the motherboard with the same type motherboard your system is based on. Maybe an hour maintenance charge for changing the motherboard and testing the whole system, and you and your computer are on your way home. We receive Intel's replacement hardware typically the next business day, so you get your system back so much quicker.

We're also excited about Seagate hard drives and the 3-year or 5-year warranty on many of the drives. While this doesn't mitigate the loss of your data (backup, backup, backup!), it saves you the expense of a new hard drive. If you can't wait for Seagate to return the drive, you always have another hard drive for your data files, backup, etc.

Free 1-year Warranty

You don't have to purchase a maintenance contract to get our support or to get the system at a lower price. Because we believe in what we sell, we are willing to stand by our components without charging you for our support. We're sure you can find a cheaper computer, and it might even be less expensive, but you'll be hard pressed to find a better computer. So think about it. You might save a little bit, but your Total Cost of Ownership could very well be much higher.

Legitimate Software

We are Microsoft System Builders and use legitimate, genuine Microsoft Windows. No concerns about not being able to get the updates you needs, or about grilled by Microsoft as to where you got the bootleg software. We're not willing to hang our rear-ends out for years to come to save a couple of bucks. Our reputation is everything to us, and we're not willing to compromise it for any reason.

Only the software you want

We don't load up the systems with a bunch of unnecessary software to provide remote support, software that is never used but eats up a lot of system resources. Unless requested otherwise, we load software to keep viruses, spyware and hijackers off your system. (This software uninstalls cleanly if you decide you don't want it.) This is the same software we use to protect our systems while navigating the same hostile internet you visit. We'll even take the time to show you how to use them. We also make sure your Windows is current on all updates before it ever leaves our store.

System Expandability

The trend over the last couple of years has been towards built-in peripherals, and this means better performance at a lower cost. However, what happens when the video no longer meets your needs? All our motherboards have a slot on it to support another video card, be it AGP or PCI-Express. This means you can add a video card to support your favorite game. The motherboards we use cleanly disable the on-board video, sound, network, etc. if another card is installed, and we prefer to have extra PCI slots for a different sound card, USB controller, etc.

Supportable Anywhere

Our systems are open architecture and use standard components. This means your system can be supported anywhere, and you aren't locked into getting your support only from us. So if you plan on moving, the local computer store at your new home will be able to support you. We don't hold you hostage with proprietary power supplies, bizarre drive rails, proprietary drives, etc. Some of our cases use rails to mount the drives, but we give you all the rails that come with the case at no extra charge.

We believe our systems are a better value and result in a lower Total Cost of Ownership over the life of the computer. Our support is second to none, and the face-to-face contact with our people simplifies resolving issues. (Nothing like letting them see the rage or desperation in your eyes to get their attention real quick!) We don't build computers for everyone; we build them for you!