Technical Service & Installation Price List

Diagnostic Charge - $50

Diagnostic charge applied to all incoming non-warrantee repairs and includes a system evaluation and a diagnosis of any problem. This charge is not refundable, but we will credit $20.00 towards your repair labor charge resulting from this diagnosis.

Miscellaneous Service Labor - $50 per hour

Used for any installation or testing which does not fall under one of the common categories listed below. Billed in quarter-hour increments, with a 1/2-hour minimum.

Virus, Spyware, Hijack Cleaning - $100 ($50 deposit, $50 on pick up)

Used for the detection and cleaning of viruses, spyware, hijackers, etc. from the customer's system.

  • Hardware check
  • Diagnostics: Motherboard, processor, memory, all components
  • Cleaning: Pressurized air cleaning and more (when required). This keeps your computer running nice and cool
  • Virus Bench: Fifteen different scans finds and destroys malware, spyware, and hijackers. At the same time we make sure your drivers and software is current which increases your system security
  • Free security software is available (at no extra cost) upon request
Does not include repair or recovery of files damaged by the malware.

Data Transfer - Starting at $30 (based on amount of data)

For use during a new hard disk installation when the transfer of data is required from an existing hard disk to the new hard disk. Additional charges may apply for hard disks that use disk compression or overlay drivers and transfers greater than 100GB.

Windows Installation - $100

Charge for the installation of any version of Windows. Installation is completed at the default level and does not include customization. Additional charges may apply if necessary drivers are not provided. Customer supplies software.

Hard Drive Installation - $30

Installation of any mass-storage hardware. Includes formatting the drive. Does not include data transfers. Special adapters and/or mounting hardware may result in additional charges. Additional charges may apply if necessary drivers are not provided.

Peripheral Card Installation - $25

Covers the charge related to the installation of any peripheral card or adapter. Included in the installation is basic testing and the loading of any drivers necessary for this testing. Additional charges may apply if necessary drivers are not provided.

CMOS Battery Installation - $10

Installation of a CMOS battery. Following this installation, restoration of CMOS variables to ensure proper identification of the systems' installed IDE hard drive(s). Additional charges may apply for cleanup of battery acid or repair of damaged mainboards.