About Us

Here at AC Computers, we are very proud of our staff. We are fortunate in that we have excellent, dedicated employees. It is their skills and expertise that helped us grow to where we are today. Only in America can something start off as a hair-brained idea and grow into a full time job, and then some!

Everybody has a job to do. A lot of people aren't happy with their jobs and dread going to work. We don't want to wind up that way. There is a fair amount of stress in a small business, but we've resolved to have fun whenever possible. The good-natured teasing and totally lame jokes help. But most of the fun comes from dealing with our customers. They have better jokes than we do, or at least newer than ours. They are people just like us who are proud of their families and of their accomplishments. They like their cars, their pets, and have interesting stories to tell. When they come to us, they are often confused or upset. They want to know what they need to do with their system, what something means, or why they can't get on-line. We try to answer those questions as honestly as possible. There are very few "yes" or "no" answers in the computer business. You hear "if," "but," and "however" more often in most conversations. We are fortunate in having a staff that will take the time to help educate the consumer so they know what they need and why.

Our staff doesn't get paid on commission. That eliminates the urge to tell the customer anything just so they buy something. We don't like processing returns. Sure they happen, but the goal is to keep them at a minimum. We want the customer to have what they want the first time. And customer satisfaction is very important to us.

Vickie works the counter. She is the one you will most likely meet when you call or walk through the door. She gets the "pleasure" of trying to figure out what the customer is looking for, pointing them in the right direction, or getting them to the person who can help them. I call it a "pleasure" because many of our customers don't know exactly what they need. All they know is that they need a bigger and better something-or-other to do what they want to do. That isn't a problem for them. She knows the right questions to ask and can relate to people in terms they can understand. We tend to think of her as our interpreter.

They are also responsible for pricing the consigned items. They see the items on a regular basis and have a good idea of the fair price for most of the items.

Pershing, also known as the grumpy old guy in back, is the one who pulls everyone's fat out of the fire. Not one to let a problem beat him, he can frequently be found running in at all hours to check on something or get more information about a system or problem. It is a very dark day around here when Pershing admits that a problem has him beat. Fortunately, it is normally pretty bright around here! Oh yeah, contrary to rumor, Pershing is not Vickie's father. Just thought I would throw that in.